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Welcome To HypnoHolistic!

Located in the Kentlands, HypnoHolistic is a transformational hypnosis and Quantum Touch center serving Gaithersburg, Potomac, Rockville and beyond!

With over 15 years of combined experience, Diana & Elena strive to help their clients make profound and lasting breakthroughs that bring real change in their clients' lives.

Whether you're on a mission to boost your confidence, eliminate anxiety, let go of stress, release fears, ease a nagging pain naturally, or get in touch with your higher self, HypnoHolistic is here to guide you to positive and lasting transformation.

Hypnosis At HypnoHolistic

Imagine being on a warm beach, where the gentle waves glide across the soft sand, the sun begins to set and the shimmering water reflects the beautiful orange sky. You begin to curl your toes into the sand and take a deep, relaxing breath now...

As you imagine this beautiful scene, are you tempted to curl your toes or take a deep breath? If yes, you have just experienced a taste of hypnosis.

During a HypnoHolistic hypnosis session, we work with your subconscious mind, the part of the mind where your habits, beliefs, and feelings are stored.

Most of our clients begin to notice positive changes in their life after their first hypnosis session. Our methods are designed to empower you to grow in ways you didn’t know you could, whether it be in your personal or professional life. We are here for you and are honored to help you find more happiness and genuine joy in your life!

During The Session

Upon arrival at our office, we listen to your concerns and ask what you would like to work through today.

Then, as you rest on a comfy recliner, we use guided visualization and other hypnotic techniques to help you get into a wonderful state of deep relaxation since hypnosis is truly a deep state of relaxation and focus. In fact, you experience this same natural relaxed state in your everyday life.

Next, we help your mind release self-limiting beliefs and fears and train your mind to think differently about your challenges so that you can successfully accomplish your goals.

We use hypnosis to help our clients release negative habits, form healthier positive habits, become more assertive at work, stay calm in stressful situations, lose weight, let go of anxiety and stress, and so much more!

The Effectiveness of Hypnosis

Anxiety Relief


The hypnosis group reported a 56% decrease in anxiety levels while the control reported an increase of 47%

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Pain Reduction


75% of clinical and experimental participants with different types of pain obtained substantial pain relief from hypnotic techniques

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Weight Loss


An average of 17 lbs lost by the hypnosis group vs. 0.5 lbs lost by the control making hypnosis 34 times as effective

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Meet Our Certified Hypnotists

Diana S. Brailovsky, CH

HypnoHolistic Owner & Founder

Certified Consulting Hypnotist and HNLP Practitioner, Diana is dedicated to helping her clients thrive as they reduce stress, increase happiness, overcome mental blocks, and achieve their goals, one deeply relaxing hypnosis session at a time.

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Elena Brailovsky, CH

Elena Brailovsky is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. After completing her certification in hypnosis Elena trained with world-famous regression therapy and weight loss trainers. Elena’s passion is to empower her clients to grow in ways they didn’t know they could; to help them find happiness and a genuine joy of life.

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The Free over the phone consultation is an opportunity for you to ask the hypnotist any questions about hypnosis and whether it could help you resolve your problem(s). The hypnotist will also help you to get absolutely clear about the changes you would like to make in your life. There is no obligation to book future sessions. 
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If you know that hypnosis is the right path for you at this time and you would like to start right away, start now by choosing a package that you think is best for you. Even if you reach your goal quicker than expected, the power of HypnoHolistic hypnosis can help you achieve your other goals.

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