Hypnosis & Quantum Touch Services

12 Week Anxiety Relief
Hypnosis Program

Weight Loss
Hypnosis Program

Better Sleep
Hypnosis Program

Past Life Regression

Quantum Touch®
Energy Healing Session

Other Hypnosis Services

  • Manage and Reduce Pain Naturally
  • Release Fears & Phobias
  • Increase Concentration & Focus
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Improve Performance
  • Release Test Anxiety
  • Reduce Performance Anxiety
  • Stop Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Let Go of Limiting Beliefs
  • Become More Assertive
  • Learn To Forgive
  • Release Limiting Beliefs
  • Increase Healthy Habits
  • Gain Self-Control
  • Release Guilt
  • Become More Optimistic
  • Determine, Set, & Achieve Goals
  • Promote Wellness
  • Explore Spirituality & Connect With Your Higher Self
  • QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)
  • Break a bad habit:
    • Stop Smoking
    • Stop Overeating
    • Stop Gambling
    • Stop Nail Biting
    • Stop Procrastination
    • Re-wire Communication to Stop Negative Words
  • Improve Relationships

Our Reopening Guidelines

Below, you will find details of the changes we have put in place to welcome you back to our space safely and comfortably as we navigate through the Covid-19 reopening process.

What you can expect:

  • We will be implementing extra time in between appointments for cleaning and sanitizing the space.
  • Upon arrival, you may be asked a few questions with “yes” or “no” answers. Examples of questions are: Do you have a fever today? Are you or anyone in your family under the weather?
  • You may be asked to have your temperature taken with a touchless thermometer. You will not be able to receive any services if your temperature reads above 100.4 degrees F or 38 degrees C.
  • At this time, there will be a no-questions-asked policy if you need to cancel your appointments. Your online booking deposit will be applied towards a future service.

What we ask of you and our guests:

  • Refrain from visiting the office if you or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms, or a communicable illness.
  • Refrain from visiting the office if you are under isolation or quarantine order/directive.

Share special sanitation or hygiene requests prior to arriving at HypnoHolistic. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to text or call us at 301-284-8488.